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United Church of Canada

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Rev. Jim Phone: 519-860-1161

Church Phone: 519-631-5705

Minister of Word, Sacrament and Pastoral Care:

Reverend James (Jim) Evans, B.A.A., M. Div.

Reverend James (Jim) Evans, B.A.A., M. Div.

Some words from Jim

Jesus tells us, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself.” (Luke 10: 27 NRSV)

New Vision Community Church, United Church of Canada, is a community of faith where “All the people of the Congregation” are ministers of the Gospel. Everyone pours out their thought, energy, prayer, and heart into our ministry together. From worship, music, and spiritual growth, to our ministries with children, to our ministries of caring, outreach, and community engagement – together we are actively discerning God’s call for our church family.

Together, by grace and with grace, God continues to strengthen, bless, encourage, and equip us to do God’s will and work, building the “kin-dom” of shalom.

We continue to act upon the ways we can nurture our congregation and be a blessing in our wider community. The Board of Governance and the many committees not only care for the business of the church but also work diligently to encourage us all to reach out to our church community and our community, in times of both joy and sorrow. We respond to God’s call to love one another and our neighbors.

In a church like ours – filled with such capable, dedicated, generous, and faithful people – any one of us could do just about anything: from a bake sale, to visiting our parishioners in residences and nursing homes.

But aside from being exhausting, solo work also keeps others from sharing in the joy of loving service, and it would constrain the Spirit’s wisdom that flows so much more freely wherever two or three are gathered. Not any one of us is called to do everything. Everyone has gifts and skills to make a difference, following the way of Jesus.

Countless hours of time and energy have been committed to make our church home friendlier and more user friendly. We have redesigned our physical spaces, including the friendship room, and choir loft. The entire sanctuary and narthex have been freshly painted. We have installed and re-dedicated the stained-glass windows from Grace United Church in light boxes on the chancel wall. The next phase of our efforts will include the installation of a lift style elevator and a redesign of our parking lot and front entrance to make our building completely accessible. There is also consideration for a washroom on the sanctuary level.

In churches and in our society, these are incredibly – some would say unprecedentedly – difficult times. However, God moves in our lives. We never know what we will encounter next on the path we walk with God upon. What we are assured of is that we walk with God. As the United Church of Canada New Creed has us affirm, “God is with us- we are not alone.” With gratitude for how God has shaped us, and with hope-filled anticipation for who God is calling us to be, together, we continue to be blessed with the creative imagination of God, the loving ability of the Christ, and the mysterious energy of the Holy Spirit.

In Christ’s Service


I contributed to a story on grief written by Claudio D'Andrea, a writer and editor of newspapers, magazines and online publications.

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