New Vision

United Church of Canada

Community Church

Rev. Jim Phone: 519-860-1161

Church Phone: 519-631-5705

Minister of Word, Sacrament and Pastoral Care:

Reverend James (Jim) Evans, B.A.A., M. Div.

Welcome to our Journey of Faith


The Board of Governance is in agreement that we will suspend public gathering of our worshiping community for the time being.




This is a caring and responsible response to the COVID-19 situation that the world is in at this time. As people of faith we do not want to succumb to fear; at the same time we need to use all the wisdom of the health care and government resources at our disposal. We need to protect our vulnerable people and the number one way this can be accomplished is through limiting contact. 

As I have discussed with various individuals, this does not mean we are in isolation. We will worship as a community tomorrow. We will gather through the weeks ahead as a community. Just not in person.

The solution we will use to accomplish this is GoToMeeting, an easy to use conference call system that our members can use with their regular phones, smartphones, computers and tablets. That information is at the end of this message.


I will also make myself available at 11 a.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for Fellowship Time with Jim – using the same GoToMeeting connection. Bible Study at noon on Tuesday will be conducted in the same way.


Of course, I am also available at other times through my phone number (519) 860-1161 and email If people want to see my face, I can connect with them through GoToMeeting.

Our board and committees can use GoToMeeting so we can see and speak with one another easily and safely.


Please find at the bottom of this email the process for connecting through the GoTo Meeting app and phone number. We will host a test session at 4 p.m. today for you to see how this works. Again: you can either join on your computer, tablet, smartphone or home phone.


Continuing with best practices – We shouldn’t enter our church building for the next few weeks unless absolutely necessary. This will help minimize the risk of our facility becoming contaminated and requiring complete disinfecting.


We need to remember all those in our community who live alone especially through this time. Fortunately, we can use technology to stay in touch. Just because we need to be isolated at home for a while does not mean we need to feel isolated from our church family.


This afternoon, Tracy, our secretary, is changing the message on our answering machine to reflect our community connection over this time period. She will also put notices on the doors, as well as place a notice on our Facebook page.


As always we need to pray for all those who are suffering, those who are grieving, those who are travelling, the medical personal who are working diligently, the scientists, the world leaders - may we be wise in our practices as we seek to serve God and our neighbours in our walk with Jesus.


Rev. Jim Evans

On behalf of Mary Johann Acting chair of the board of governance. New Vision Community Church, Antler River Watershed Regional Council, United Church of Canada 


How to connect by phone and online with NVCC GoToMeeting


To join our worship service, Fellowship Time with Jim, Bible Study, committee meetings and other scheduled offsite gatherings, please





1. Pick up your phone and call 1-647-497-9373    


2. When a voice directs you, punch in the Access Code: 418-764-053


3. Hear Jim’s voice. Everyone can hear you, too, when you speak or sing.




1.       Join the James Evans’ meeting from your computer, tablet, iPad or smartphone. 

         Go to


2.       Click Download the App


3.       See Jim’s smiling face.


If you click on the green camera icon, everyone can see you. 

(Feel free to also show us your cat, dog, budgie or lizard).  


If you click on the green microphone icon, everyone can hear you.

When you are not speaking or singing, please click on the microphone icon so it is white and has a line across it.

This mutes your mic, helping cut down on background noise during our gathering.



God's peace and love be with you all


Worship is 10:00 a.m. and I will be online at 9:30 so people can access the number.